On April 15 of this year, the Boston Marathon was brought to a halt by an act of terrorism that resulted in the death of three spectators and injuries to hundreds of others.  It was a day that brought the nation to mourning, and many to action.

During the annual Teton Dam Marathon on June 8, Idaho locals found their own way to honor the victims.

“What you are seeing behind me is a poster with signatures on it that is devoted to the victims and the families of the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Behind me here you see a donation box where people can come and leave donations that will go to help those families and those victims.”

Donations are being processed by The One Fund Boston to help victims and their loved ones. Ten percent of all registration fees went to the Fund, and additional donations were encouraged.

Throughout the morning, volunteers, runners, and spectators took a moment to sign; the mayors of Rexburg and Sugar City were also present to show their sport.

Among the volunteers was Leah Hasler. Says Hasler, “It’s surprising that all the marathon runners are ser-excited and they’re like ‘Yeah, we’ll sign it!’ and then some of the ones who are doing the 10K or lower are like ‘No, I’m really tired, I just need water.’”

Runners had their own motivations for participating, but many shared their condolences to the victims of the Boston tragedy.

Says BYU-I student Shelby Howe, “Words can’t describe what happened. Prayers and thoughts go out to them, but we’ll never know how they really feel.”

Roommate Micah Adams adds, “I guess it’s nice to be able to know that things will go forward though. And stuff like this can help out.”

Reporting from Smith Park in Rexburg, this is Scott Butler, Scroll Digital.