The Teton Dam Marathon took place Saturday, June 3. Marathon runners, as well as relay racers, gathered early in the morning at the former site of the Teton Dam, which failed 41 years ago, in June of 1976.

At 6:30 am the race commenced, and runners began their way back to Smith Park in Rexburg.

Before reaching their final destination, however, runners would chart a winding 26-mile course which would take them through and around the towns of Newdale, Teton and Sugar City.

While marathoners ran the whole distance themselves, the course was divided into 6 segments for relay racers, each covering a stretch of just over 4 miles.

The finish line at Smith Park served not only as the final goal for the Marathon and relay race, but also 3 other events: a Half Marathon, 10K and 5K race.

Participants were cheered on in the final stretch by friends and family, as well a multitude of orange clad volunteers who helped set up the races, man different checkpoints and also kept runners properly fueled and hydrated at support stations throughout the race.

On the other side of the finish line, awaiting the runners were more refreshments to replenish their energy, and a massage station run by the Rexburg College of Massage Therapy.

At the end of the day, awards were given to the top qualifiers of each event, many of whom set course records including the overall winner of the Marathon itself, Braden Perry, who finished the race in 2 hours 43 minutes, and 37 seconds, out performing 2nd place runner Sasha Socolov by 26 minutes.

The Teton Dam Marathon was the first of 3 similar events that take place in Southeast Idaho each Summer. This year, the Idaho Falls Marathon is set to take place on July 29, and the Pocatello Marathon is set for September 2.