Students will be on the edge of their seats with this semester’s Battle of the Dance.

“Last semester everyone went crazy at Battle of the Dance, and this semester will be no different,” said Mauricio Kiyama, a senior who is the manager of Battle of the Dance and studying mechanical engineering. “I was crying backstage from hearing the crowd going so crazy.”

Battle of the Dance will hit the stage on Friday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. at the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium, according to BYU-Idaho’s master calendar. Tickets are $3 and can be bought online or at the ticket office.

“The groups have been practicing for months now, and they have since the beginning of the semester,” Kiyama said. “The performers are really excited to present their dances.”

Annika Smith, a junior studying recreation management who has participated in BYU-I’s dance program, said the process the performers go through to prepare is very rigorous.

“It’s hard for people to realize how much work goes into dance,” Smith said. “The real reward is when you get the perfected routine and get to perform it at shows like Battle of the Dance.”

Kiyama said this semester’s Battle of the Dance is trying to reach out to more diverse styles of dance. He said they will still have the normal break dancing but will also feature some country dancing, Latin dancing and hip-hop.

“This semester you can expect a lot more diversity,” Kiyama said.

Kiyama said he first started working with Battle of the Dance as an emcee last semester. He said he auditioned to be an emcee for the event as a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Kiyama said that once he got the gig as an emcee, he started working with the management of the event as well. He said he has a fair amount of managing experience, so he was cut out for the job.

Kiyama said this show is one that every student should check out.

“We keep the show exciting; it’s always high energy,” Kiyama said. “Everyone that comes always says that the show was so amazing.”

Kiyama said that winners from last semester will also be returning.

“A winner from last semester, Natalie, is coming back with a new routine and we are really excited,” Kiyama said. “She killed it last semester.”

Kiyama said to check out the video advertisement of Battle of the Dance at to learn more about it.

“It will probably be one the most memorable events of your semester,” Kiyama said.