The National Parks, a dynamic five-piece group, is set to perform at BYU-Idaho for the third time in two semesters. The concert is on Friday, Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

The concert will also feature opener Yahosh Bonner, a Utah-based singer.

The National Parks performed two concerts last spring semester because the band was popular among the students. Both concerts were held in the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium.

However, Don Sparhawk, coordinator of the Center Stage Performing Arts Series, said the concert this semester moved to the Hart Auditorium because it accommodates more than 3,000 people, according to BYU-I Newsroom.

“We always look forward to our shows at BYU-I. They are some of the most memorable and magical shows for us. The crowd is so energetic and engaged in the show and it makes us want to go give our all each time and make it special. We’ve been counting down the days,” said Brady Parks, frontman of The National Parks.

Along with the mass popularity among BYU-I students, The National Parks has also accumulated 13.2 million Spotify streams from two independently released albums and a stand-alone single, “As We Ran,” according to the BYU-I Center Stage website.

The National Parks released their third album, “Places,” on Sept. 15.

“‘Places’ is definitely a continued step in the progression of the band. We’ve grown a lot individually and as a band in the past four years, and I think the music is reflected in that growth. We are so excited about ‘Places’ and can’t wait to play it live for everyone,” Parks said.

So far the title track alone accumulated 120,000 plays on Spotify, according to the Rock Love Magic Records website.

Parks said BYU-I students can expect The National Parks to perform the whole new album along with old favorites from previous albums.

Tickets went on sale Sept. 5 and are available for purchase on the school’s website. Tickets are six dollars for BYU-I students and 12 dollars for the general public.

The National Parks’ tour will continue into October.

Parks said,”We’ll continue touring and pushing the new record for a long time and trying to reach as many people as possible with it. We’ll take a break in November to eat some turkey though. We love turkey.”