DIXON HERZOG | Scroll Photography

DIXON HERZOG | Scroll Photography

President Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke of the importance of the priesthood at the Priesthood Session of the 185thSemiannual General Conference.

“While we may differ in age, in custom, or in nationality, we are united as one in our priesthood callings,” President Monson said.

He said priesthood holders should take their callings, duties and responsibilities seriously.

“I hope each young man who has been ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood is given a spiritual awareness of the sacredness of his ordained calling, as well as opportunities to magnify that calling,” President Monson said.

President Monson said each priesthood holder has been entrusted with one of the most precious gifts ever bestowed upon mankind, and each should constantly strive to be worthy of it.

“As bearers of the priesthood of God, we are engaged in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “We have answered His call; we are on His errand. Let us learn of Him. Let us follow in His footsteps. Let us live by His precepts. By doing, we will be prepared for any service He calls us to perform.”