A BYU-Idaho student wakes to the feeling of cool air blasting on his face from a nearby fan. He rolls out of bed and looks out the window at the blue sky and the sun-drenched parking lot. He takes a quick look at the weather app on his phone and sees the forecast is a startling 92 degrees. What is he going to wear?

“Immodest clothing is any clothing that is tight, sheer, or revealing in any manner,” the BYU-I Honor Code states. “Shorts are not appropriate campus attire.”

Cody Jorgensen, a sophomore studying applied mathematics, said it’s very uncomfortable to have to wear jeans when he is walking on campus and when it’s really hot outside.

“I feel like this is rather obvious, and that many students on campus are frustrated with this policy,” Jorgensen said.

Nathan Cobb, a freshman studying biology, said there must be a reason why students are not permitted to wear shorts on campus.

“I can’t think of a reason why this rule would be in place other than staying away from a figurative rule like in high school with the fingertip lengths,” Cobb said.

In high school, a student could simply raise their shoulders and get away with shorter skirts and shorter lengths. However, BYU-I is a private university where students agree to follow the standards put in place.

Why are students not permitted to wear shorts on campus?

Amanda Reynolds, a sophomore studying English, said she believes the founders of BYU-I had a valid reason for not allowing students to wear shorts while on campus.

“They came up with the rules for a reason, even if they are inconvenient,” Reynolds said. “People tried to skirt the border and go as far as they could without breaking the rule entirely, so they have to make the rules more strict as people try to break them.”

Students agree to follow the Honor Code before they even attend school at BYU-I. The Honor Code consists of dress and grooming standards that have been on this campus since its beginning.

If girls can wear short skirts and not be sent home, why can’t students wear shorts that are the same length?

“I don’t care that they (girls who wear short skirts on campus) don’t get in trouble; I’m just annoyed that they don’t think it’s wrong,” Reynolds said.

According to the Honor Code, dresses and skirts should be knee-length or longer.

“I suppose part of the reason could be where do you draw the line on modesty,” Jorgensen said. “How short is too short? By outlawing shorts altogether you avoid that contest.”

Jorgensen said although he would love to wear shorts on campus, he also want to support his leaders and keep the Honor Code that he promised to uphold.