Chris Mann’s performance here in Rexburg allowed him to do something he doesn’t often get the chance to do.

“What I’m doing here at BYU is to play with one of the local orchestras here, which is always something I’ve dreamed of doing, is to take, is to have that backing of a full symphony. So it’s going to be fun for me as well because I don’t get to do that every day,” said Chris Mann, vocal performer and finalist on The Voice.

After the show, symphony performer and concertmaster Jason Yarrington expressed his response to working with Chris Mann.

“I was really grateful that Chris actually took the time to work with us and get things the way he would like, and uh, really excited to work with Chris again. It’s the second time we’ve got to play with him,” said Jason Yarrington, concertmaster of the orchestra.

Chris Mann, who is performing in the Hart tonight, is enjoyed by both young and old alike.

“Well I’m really not into awfully loud music. He’s not loud. He’s blending very well with the orchestra. It’s nice,” said Thella Mortensen, a Ticket Services Worker.

“I think he’s really good. I kind of compare him to kind of like a Josh Groban sort of style. I didn’t watch the Voice, so this is the first time I’ve ever heard him. I’ve been impressed. I think he’s very great,” said Stephanie Hawkins, a graduate working as a Ticketing Assistant.

“I’ve really appreciated Chris coming down to Rexburg, and I’m sure Chris is enjoying every minute of it as well. Um, and Bellissima isn’t only here just to sell skirts, but we’re here to sport him as well,” said Marshall Morrison, CMO at Bellissima’s.

Sporters like Morrison have come from all over the Upper Valley to see Chris perform, as well as to get the opportunity to meet him in person.

“The good thing now is that I’m getting to play live and do shows for a live audience, like here in Idaho where as before, I was on TV the whole time and I never got to meet the people that were being so sportive. So that’s why I’m so excited to be here,” Mann said.

Chris Mann performed at BYU-Idaho Friday, June 7 in front of hundreds of fans and sporters of all ages. Reporting from BYU-Idaho, Alicia Mihu, Scroll Digital.

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