Being an employee in the theatre industry can be described as a very laborious job. Oftentimes, as benefactors of the theatre industry, we do not give much thought into what is actually required of such performers.

“You can’t be in theatre if you’ve got bad self-esteem, you can’t handle rejection and you don’t like hard work. It’s just not going to work out for you,” said Maryn Tueller, a sophomore majoring in theatre studies.

The preparation needed for a theatrical performance can take months, and it all begins with an audition.

Tueller said that she prepares pieces for auditions ahead of time, so that when the time comes to be a part of a show she can feel ready and prepared. For the success of an audition, Tueller said that it is 90 percent preparation.

Tueller recently auditioned for the Playmill Theatre. This theater is a unique organization that puts on performances during the summer months in West Yellowstone, Montana.

“We do three shows every summer, and there’s a really big emphasis put on intimacy and audience involvement,” said Miriam Merrill, public relations specialist for Playmill. “So audience members come, and the cast members seat the audience; they’re the usher. They sing while people are being seated.”

The theatre has a long legacy of family-friendly productions, with over 50 years of “Finest in Family Entertainment.”according to their website. With its legacy, it has gained quite the following, with many people involved in the productions remembering seeing Playmill shows as a child.

David Adams, a freshman majoring in general studies, tried out this past audition cycle for the Playmill’s 2017 productions and said that he fondly recalls seeing Playmill shows from his childhood.

This past audition cycle, the Playmill has seen over 100 tryouts for their 2017 summer productions of The Little Mermaid, Singing in the Rain and Peter and the Star Catcher. The shows begin May 26 in West Yellowstone.