There are tons of things to do in Rexburg in the winter time, but some days it’s too cold to even do those. Here’s a list of list of random things to do on a cold night in.

Learn the entire “Thriller” dance

You could be the worst dancer on the planet and still look awesome doing the Thriller dance. It’s a valuable skill, especially if you want to get a party started.


You can’t go wrong with karaoke. Grab your roommates and blast some music. If your neighbors complain about the noise, hand them the microphone and party on! Even better, make someone dance with you while you sing really loud and off-key.

Everyone secretly loves karaoke because it’s always fun, and everyone is being silly together. It’s also really funny on Snapchat” said Sarah Yoon, a sophomore studying biology.

Learn a new recipe

Break out of your routine. Learn a cool new dish or actually try a recipe off of your Pinterest board. If that doesn’t work out, make up your own recipe and see what everyone thinks. Eating the same thing every day is boring, so change up a recipe to make it your own or try a wacky combination of ingredients.

Rearrange your room

Liven up your bedroom. Rearranging a room can make it feel new even when it’s not. Spice things up and get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Try going to a thrift store and buying inexpensive new accent pieces.

Make up a game or play a classic

We all did this when we were kids: use your imagination. We spend so much time studying and doing homework, so set some time aside to be goofy and fun without worrying about life. Forget about school for a few hours and just be a kid again. If you can’t think up a game play a classic. Try hide and seek, flashlight tag or have a scavenger hunt.