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Think before making offensive remarks

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We need to be aware that we attend a multicultural school.

People from all over the world attend this university, and spouting off racial slurs or inappropriate comments regarding another race or culture is not OK.

Not only do we need to be aware of this while we are here at school, but also when we are away from school, during internships and careers.

Employers do not take kindly to prejudice. We hear in the news about people who lose their jobs due to prejudiced things they say.

Most work places have a policy against using discriminatory language.

We don’t know where everyone comes from, what their background is, or how something we say will affect another person.

Culture can be and is often used as a point of conversation.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging cultural differences.

It’s when we take those differences and start stereotyping people that the issue occurs.

It’s not likely that any BYU-I students will lead a group in a racist chant or holler degrading slurs about other students, but it is likely that friends will get caught up in the moment of poking fun at their international roommate, even if it is only in jest.

People have fun with each other. That is normal, but it is important to be considerate of those around us and know whether or not a joke is going to be appropriate.

Just take the time to think before saying something that could be taken the wrong way.

Approved by an 18-0 vote of the Scroll editorial board.

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