“I strap on the boots and then I have to act like a British guy from Liverpool.”

The sound of 60’s rock ‘n’ roll will be roaring back to life when a Beatles tribute band, The Beatells, perform at the Romance Theater on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m.

The band consists of four members: Stuart Deacon as John Lennon, Jesse Garrard as George Harrison, Codi Belcher as Ringo Star and Scott Villanueva as Paul McCartney.

“I’ve always been a big Beatles fan,” said Deacon, a freshman studying communication. “I’m from England, so it’s in my blood. There was a Beatles tribute band that came to town once and made a big impact on me.”

Deacon said this tribute band inspired him to learn to play the drums and guitar. In high school, he and his friends came together and started The Beatells.

Deacon said that getting together as friends and playing songs from The Beatles is just part of the act for The Beatells; each member works to take on the persona of their Beatles double.

Deacon said that Villanueva, who acts as Paul McCartney, learned to play the bass left-handed to better exemplify McCartney.

“It’s hard to impersonate somebody and get their quirks and mannerisms while playing,” Garrard said. “That’s the kicker.”

STUART DEACON | Courtesy Photo

Garrard said that, at the end of the day, performing with The Beatells comes down to showmanship.

“This has given me the chance to actually learn about what it means to be a performer,” Garrard said. “I strap on the boots and then I have to act like a British guy from Liverpool.”

Deacon said he and his band members have gotten as close as they can to the proper instruments that the original Beatles had with the budget The Beatells have.

“The sound is fantastic, the costumes are good and we’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll and to recreate that 60’s sound and give everyone the experience to hear the Beatles live,” Deacon said.

Garrard said that, just like The Beatles, The Beatells switch up vocals and instruments.

“In one song, I have to run back and forth across the stage to the lead microphone and the backup microphone,” Garrard said. “If you’re not getting your cardio, you’re not doing it right.”

Deacon said he has put in nearly $2,500 into this show to get the sound and look just right.

“We have to get all the equipment and sounds right,” Deacon said. “We want to get the sound as close as possible.”

To make the look as accurate as possible, Deacon has sewn the costumes and built the instruments himself.

“You have to get the accent right, you have to get the wig hairdo right and you have to play the guitar right,” Deacon said.

Deacon said it’s the little details like that that really make the show.

In order to keep the sound as accurate as possible, Garrard said The Beatells only play songs they have the right instruments for.

“You can be sure that everything we’re playing is accurate to the sounds the Beatles made,” Garrard said. “It should be a very authentic experience.”

Deacon said as time continues and as The Beatells can make more money, they will be able to afford more instruments and their range of The Beatles sound will increase.

“We want to keep the sound the same,” Deacon said.

Garrard said that making the sound accurate is only part of The Beatells’ act.

“We have to play every song like the Beatles did, and we have to make the sound the same, but we can’t neglect the look,” Garrard said. “The instruments have to be authentic, and our look has to be authentic.”

Deacon said he and The Beatells are happy staying local and sharing their love for The Beatles in smaller venues.

“We’re a fan-based tribute band,” Deacon said. “We’re just doing this as a hobby. That’s as professional as I think we’re going to get.”

Garrard said he joined The Beatells as a chance to perform music.

“I just want the chance to play music with my friends, perform for lots of people and help people experience emotions,” Garrard said.

Tickets for The Beatells show are $5 at the door, and can be pre-ordered at the City of Rexburg Museum website.

“With everything we’ve got, we’re going to have a rocking show,” Deacon said.