*Editors note: This is the dissension to the editorial written by Mike Price and Lindsay Sheen

The editorial opinion states the Republican Party just needs to, “form a new foundation,” or a “rebranding” to fix it. We contend that the GOP is beyond saving and needs to be taken off life support. Rebranding cancer does not cure it.

“I don’t think the Republicans are about to literally go the way of the Whigs; a party that’s spent the Obama years gaining power in Congress and doing very well indeed at the state and local level isn’t likely to dissolve anytime soon,” said Colombia University historian Eric Foner.

What Foner and the Scroll editorial boardare missing are the values of those individuals gaining power in congress. They are not modern Republican values. In fact, increasingly, it has been those of the constitutional and especially Libertarian leanings who have been gaining power in congress and gubernatorial races.

This shift of power away from the Republican establishment, an establishment that has been out of favor with many Republican voters for some time, proves that the party as a whole is on its death bed.

Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party is the final nail in the coffin for the Grand Old Party.

Trump has not only made the party into a laughing stock, but has also succeeded in dividing the party like never before. Because of Trump, every day a new member of Republican leadership comes out and vows never to support him as the Republican nominee. Leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Even Jeb Bush has refused to support Trump as the Republican nominee.

It is no secret that these men are part of the GOP establishment. Other GOP establishment leaders have come out in support of Trump as well. Further demonstrating the divide within the party.

Some leaders within in the conservative movement and, subsequently, the Republican party, have been speaking out strongly against Trump from the beginning.

Two very prominent examples are conservative talk show hosts Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, both of whom are part of the #NeverTrump movement.

As this nation’s first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

We say let it fall.

GOP and Trump apologists claim that refusing to back Trump as the GOP nominee will only ensure a win for Hillary Clinton.

This is beside the point. The Republican Party has elected a leader that not only divides their own party, but the country as well.

His policies and demeanor are such that he has driven away many of those who made up the Republican base. Now, they are looking into candidates from the Constitutional and Libertarian Parties.

For the first time in well over 100 years, we have a chance for a new party to arise. We have a chance to let the Decrepit Old Party die and allow new ideas to take center stage.

With the Republican Party gone, conservatives will finally have an opportunity to look to the future for hope.

As the editorial opinion states, “This nation was built on an open exchange of ideas.”

We agree 100 percent.

The Grand Old Party must be allowed to pass from this world before an age of thriving ideas can begin.