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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started a hashtag for Mother’s Day that will sweep the Internet, according to Mormon Channel. Beginning Friday, any picture, video or post coupled with the hashtag #TimeForMom will be counted toward a 48-hour roundup of memorabilia for mothers all over the world.

Part of the project plan is to collect pictures and videos of acts of service and affection for a consecutive 48-hour period starting May 8 to see how much time can be “given back” to mothers across the globe, according to Mormon Channel. The idea is to have people share their own experiences on social media of how they will give back to their mom for the upcoming holiday, while listing the number of hours they spent serving their mother and using the hashtag #TimeForMom.

The website said people could write notes, give an hour of service, spend quality time with or post recordings of memories of their mothers to have their posted hours be added into the grand total.

At the end of the count, the hours that will be collected and the acts of service and quality time will be totaled up, revealing how much time is being given back to mothers everywhere, according to Mormon Channel.

Mackenzie Mayberry, a junior studying elementary education, said she thinks the project is a great opportunity to break away from some of the traditional ways people celebrate their moms on Mother’s Day.

“I think that’s a super good idea,” Mayberry said. “I think we’re often so into buying things for our moms, and now we get to serve them instead. Moms spend so much of their lives serving us, and now we have a good excuse to serve them back and, in a way, give them some of the time back that they spent on us.”