Story by Corbin Sorensen

When talking about art at BYU-Idaho, most people think of the Jacob Spori Building. It’s the home of the Art Department and houses hundreds of pieces from the third floor exhibits of student-created works to the Spori Gallery on the main floor where exhibits change from time to time, showcasing the works of featured artists. But this celebration of visual art is not only present in the Spori Building.

In the foyer of the Eliza R. Snow Center for the Performing Arts, one little exhibit is making some big waves. The Tiny Art Show is an art show organized and curated by a pair of students and put on display in the foyer of the Snow Building, and it sounds like people are taking notice.

“It’s been a pretty big response and I hear, just from people in passing ‘oh, that tiny show is so cool, that’s awesome,” said Channing Winget, a senior studying illustration.

Winget and her roommate were inspired to create the Tiny Art Show here on campus after a similar exhibit was released on the other side of the country. It was the novelty of small art still having big meaning behind it that made them start the project. The first show was housed in the Spori Building and showcased their own works, but this time the ladies wanted to open the exhibit up to anybody that wanted to submit pieces for consideration.

They said it was something they wanted to do one more time before they graduated. So they came up with the plan and took it to the school to make sure it was something they could do here. Winget expressed the hope that this practice would continue after she leaves: be it tiny or large, paintings or sculptures.

“Anybody can do stuff like this, they just have to know the right people to talk to and put it together,” Winget said.

With six displays by faculty members and the rest comprised of student-made work, The Tiny Art Show is a perfect example of the students living the learning model of BYU-I, students acting as agents and teaching each other.