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Some men think women are complicated.

This can be true at times. However, there are simple ways to charm her in your favor.

Whether you’re a sweet talker, one who displays confidence for the ladies to see, or someone who bolts from just the sight of a mere woman, these tips will not fail you. I guarantee a woman by your side if you follow these simple instructions.

-Play mind games with her. She loves feeling really confused as she and her friends try to decipher what “let’s hang out” really means. After all, that is what girl nights are all about.

-Don’t ask her out in person. Asking her out through text will show you put some thought into it, and she appreciates that.

-When you take her out on a date, let her do all the planning. She wouldn’t want you to strain your capacity to think.

-When picking her up, don’t go to her door. Make her walk to you, and as she approaches, make sure to honk plenty as you let out catcalls. It doesn’t make her feel like an object.

-After you have let all those cat calls out of your system, make sure to point out her flaws, especially the ones she can’t change. It will really boost her self-esteem.

-Don’t pay attention to her. It keeps her interested. She wants all your attention to go to watching sports and video games. Your only duty should be to Call of Duty.

-If she is cold, let her be cold. She likes when her leg hairs grow back right after she has just shaved them. Those goosebumps are pretty nice as well, so just let her keep them.

-Lie to her. The truth is so overrated these days, and real communication is a thing of the past.

– As time goes on, there is no need to keep up your appearance. Your body odor is an enchanting aroma, and she likes those crusted food stains on your clothes.

-When holidays and anniversaries make their appearance, there is no need to show your love through flowers and gifts.

She obviously already knows you care by all the things you have already done for her, and she doesn’t need to be shown any more of your affection.

Voilà, your girl is definitely head over heels for you now.

The complication of not understanding women is no longer a distress that weighs on your shoulders and keeps you awake at night. You can now have a strong relationship where your happiness is ensured because that is what really matters to a woman.

Happy endeavors to all you men who are looking for your soulmate.

OK, obviously if you try to follow through with any of these tips, you will stay single.

Men need to stop insulting women and using them for only a moment of enjoyment.

A woman deserves to have a man who will care for her and respect what she does to make him happy.

I see too many “players” taking advantage of women, and it is so unfair for them to have to be put down continuously and to not know how to defend themselves because they feel that is how they deserve to be treated.

Women, don’t let men treat you in any rude manner. Don’t lower your standards for any man. You are worth the very best.

Men, please stop treating women as objects and using them for your physical needs. You are better than that. Start proving it.