A three-year-old female from Idaho passed away Saturday after pulling the trigger on her father’s handgun at the Grant Village, a campsite in Yellowstone National Park.

The mother of the girl called park rangers for emergency care, but they were unable to resuscitate the child, according to CBS News.

Al Nash, park spokesman, said names have not been released on request of the family.

The gunshot marked the first shooting of a child in the park in 75 years, and the first fatal shooting in Yellowstone since 1978, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The law that banned possession of firearms by visitors in the national park was lifted in February of 2010.

Part of the campsite remained roped off on Sunday as the park officials continued their investigation of the girl’s death.

Authorities have not released information about whether the shooting was accidental or intentional, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Nash told CBS news the number one cause of death in the park is heart attacks.

“Given the three million visitors we see every year, there thankfully are very few fatalities reported in the park,” Nash said.