For those looking for a world-class activity in Rexburg, fishing is the way to go.

The Upper Snake River Valley is known worldwide as a top destination for fishing, with large populations of trout in all the areas streams, lakes, and rivers.

Joshua Binkley, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, is from Huntington, Penn., and goes fishing multiple times a week in Idaho.

He said he considers himself a fishing fanatic and also has a popular fishing blog. He said he has met people from as far away as New York and New Zealand who have come here to fish.

BYU-Idaho students don’t have to go so far.

Binkley’s personal favorite spot is the Teton River. Rexburg provides an excellent opportunity for fishing.

Joshua said, “The waterways here are some of the most fertile watersheds in North America, and so there’s a large population of huge trout.”

Joshua said he is often able to catch several hundred trout in a single day of fishing here in eastern Idaho.

There are several kinds of trout that can only be caught in this area.

To go fishing locally you’ll need equipment, which can be bought at various local stores.

A list of places to buy a fishing license in Idaho may be found at and click on “license vendors” from the “Licenses” pull-down menu. The list may also be narrowed by region. An Idaho fishing license is required to fish legally.

It’s also a good idea to go with an experienced fisherman if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A fly-fishing class is available at BYU-I.

For world-class fishing spots, you don’t have to be a world traveler; you can stay right here in town.