Editor’s note: The following is a column from the editorial staff.

When Donald Trump first announced his plan to campaign for president, I thought it was a joke.

As Donald Trump has dominated the Republican polls, I’ve been completely dumbfounded. What do people see in this guy? How could he possibly still be in the race, let alone leading?

I asked my loving boyfriend, Tyler, a Trump supporter, to explain this anomaly because I honestly just did not understand.

Tyler said:

1. Trump does not have hidden secrets. He has a very “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” attitude. You will not be surprised by anything he does because he doesn’t care what people think enough to have a secret agenda. He is straightforward about his opinions and won’t be bullied out of them. He says things other people are afraid to say.DonaldTrump

2. There is not an easy answer on refugees, but Trump keeps it simple to help the USA and only the USA. While I personally disagree with his plan for refugees and immigrants, it is a plan focused on helping the country (which is awesome). Just no one else (not so awesome).

3. Trump has been everywhere due to his various business endeavors; therefore, he is a friend to powerful business and political leaders all over the world. He is charismatic and confident and could make tough deals and decisions to help economic growth worldwide.

4. Trump can improve the economy and finance with his unique perspective.

While I will not be voting for Donald Trump, I can now see what makes him so popular to so many people throughout the country.

We all know that Americans are sick and tired of politicians that beat around the bush with their plans.

Trump is straightforward and brutally honest in all of his dealings, and that’s what we need in the leader of our country.

I believe some of Trump’s “good qualities” could create tension with foreign relations. I’m sure he will step on some toes and hurt feelings, but maybe some Americans want a president who is willing do to that for the sake of their country.

Up until now, I’ve just thought of Trump as a sideshow act for the Republican party, but as I’ve taken the time to understand him, I can respect him as a real candidate for President of the United States of America.

But, let’s be honest, I’m not voting for Donald Trump.