Jan. 20 is the day that many have anticipated or disapproved of Trump’s Inauguration.

Typically, inaugurations are peaceful and orderly, but will the 2017 Inauguration be the same?

Matthew Whoolery, a psychology professor at BYU-Idaho, speaks of Obama’s approval ratings around the time of his first inauguration, saying that the approval ratings were in the 80s.

“People were approving of how he was kind of putting his government together and stuff like that. I mean, we’re in the low 40s now with Trump, and so we are in this sort of moment where this isn’t like it’s been in the past.”

In history, the inauguration has been the mark of American democracy.

“That’s a part of what makes American democracy what it is, is because, in other countries, when there is unrest like this, there are tanks in the street, you know? And, in America, that’s part of our tradition — is that we do this peacefully, we do it with good manners,” Whoolery said.

Whoolery said he feels that there should be others wondering about the inauguration and the new president.

“If the Americans, or Americans in general, do take an interest in the political system, the problems of society might decrease more,” said Reuben Decker, a sophomore studying chemistry.

Despite the turmoil that has surrounded the president-elect and the upcoming inauguration, the Spirit of Ricks can still live on.

“Love everyone the way Jesus loved everyone,” said Carys Fox, a sophomore studying biology.

The Inauguration will be the first of many changes that will come with the Trump Presidency.