Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for personal health, and it is also a time to gather together as friends and family to play in the annual backyard football game known as the Turkey Bowl, according to USA Today.

Crystal Dwigans, a sophomore majoring in general studies, said she plays in the annual Turkey Bowl with her father and friends in her hometown.

“We love playing sports together, and football is one of those things, so we do that a lot over Thanksgiving,” Dwigans said. “We are usually over at someone’s house with grandparents, aunts and uncles, but we still take time to play football and to have fun together.”

Thanksgiving day traditions don’t only include playing football on Thanksgiving morning; they can also include uncommon activities as well, according to the National Geographic Society.

Daniel Godfrey, a sophomore majoring in international studies, said he does not play in the annual Thanksgiving Bowl, rather, he has an eating competition with his family.

He said his family eats turkey sandwiches for Thanksgiving and has an eating competition. He said they sit around the table with turkey, bread rolls and a glass of juice or water in the center of the table, and they have two minutes to eat as many turkey sandwiches as they can.

“There is nothing at stake; the winner does not receive a prize for eating the most turkey sandwiches,” Godfrey said. “For us, it makes us laugh, and it brings my family together.”

He said the tradition started when his dad saw how much turkey they had left after their Thanksgiving dinner. He said it was a spontaneous idea that has stuck for many years.

Godfrey said his family is not big into playing or watching sports on Thanksgiving. Instead, his family watches the annual Thanksgiving day parade together on TV.

“We have made this a tradition in my family ever since I was a little boy,” Godfrey said. “We clean up the dishes together and watch the recording of the Thanksgiving day parade that we recorded that morning.”

Tyler Herbert, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said his family plays in the Turkey Bowl as a way to let energy out, and it allows them to be competitive in a positive way.

“We play football in the morning against immediate and extended family that we do not get the chance to see throughout the year,” Herbert said. “It is our way to get back at our family for the jokes they pulled on us throughout      the year.”

Herbert said sports brings his family together because it is the one time of year that they are able to play football, laugh and enjoy a big dinner.

Herbert said his family is spread throughout the country, and they travel every year to one of their cousins’ hometowns. He said that after they eat, they watch the NFL games that are on TV that day, and because he has family throughout the country, his cousins have different teams they root for.

“It is hysterical to watch games with my family because it is straight craziness when we watch games,” Herbert said. “People are yelling, laughing. Some people just sit there in silence and don’t say a word. It is always a great time.”