Two Chilean men entered the living quarters and assaulted at least two LDS sister missionaries serving in the Chile Concepción South Mission.

“Early yesterday morning, the apartment of four sister missionaries in the Chile Concepcion South Mission was broken into, and at least two of the sisters were assaulted,” reported Eric Hawkins, spokesperson for the Church.

BioBioChile, a news source in Chile, reported that the sister missionaries were from Argentina, Chile and two from the United States. They also said that the assault occurred in Temuca, Chile.

“The sisters have received medical attention and are being cared for by appropriate professionals and by their mission president and his wife,” continued Hawkins. “We are profoundly saddened by this incident and pray for these missionaries and their families.”

The assaulters were detained by Chilean police shortly after the break-in.

“The church does everything it can to ensure the safety of its missionaries, including providing training in personal safety and good health practices, repeated instruction for missionaries on auto and bicycle safety and ongoing consultation with local church leaders about the safety of specific areas and neighborhoods,” according to a recent press release from the Church.