THE U.S. ARMY | Flickr Creative Commons

THE U.S. ARMY | Flickr Creative Commons

The United States plans to cut 40,000 Army troops within the next two years, and possibly more,  if the cut doesn’t produce the cost reduction the government is hoping for, according to National Public Radio.

Married couple Jeremy and Katie Geiger, who both plan on entering the Army, said they’re both reeling at the magnitude of the cut.

Katie Geiger, a junior studying exercise physiology, said the cut directly affects her as she had to be sent home from basic training recently.

“I was ruck marching at 1:30 in the morning and we were ordered to run uphill as part of a training exercise, and I hit a ditch and snapped my ankle, ” Katie said. “After some debate they had no choice but to send me home. Before the cut this would have never happened. Usually they would let people heal and continue training, but there needed to be people sent home and the injured people were the first to go.”

Besides the 40,000 troops already being cut, an estimated 17,000 additional civilian employees of the Army will also be laid off, according to The Army Times.

Jeremy Geiger, who’s training with the ROTC and a senior studying construction management and military science, said the cut limits his prospective promotion opportunities.

“Since they’re cutting down they don’t need as many higher ranking individual; that number of slots is reduced, ” Geiger said. “It used to be that if you were a second lieutenant, you would be promoted to captain in about 4 years and now it’s going to take about 4-6 years.”

Katie Geiger said that this is something she wished the government had thought through with more care, considering the ISIS terrorist attacks are becoming more and more prevalent.

“For me, cutting 40,000  troops from a military that is not only legally required to protect not only ourselves, but others as well, it seems like a really bad idea,  especially since we’re facing the fastest growing terrorist group in the world,” Geiger said.