Thursday marked the 228th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. BYU-Idaho commemorated the event by decorating the campus with hundreds of U.S flags.

“500 U.S flags have been placed around the Amphitheater. Each flag represents 50 American lives both soldiers and civilians who gave their lives in the fight for independence.”

Student volunteers began setting the flags up early Thursday morning. Elizabeth Fri shared her experience helping out.

“As we set them up, I looked around and I could really feel the spirit and it testifies that the Lord has given us this land and we have freedom and we need to be grateful for those who fight for our freedom and we need to serve the Lord in all that we can because of what he has given us.”

Throughout the day a brief program was held that included the Pledge of Aliegence, the singing of the National Anthem, and a moment of silence honoring the soldiers who fought for America.

Student Director Sam Smith shared his feelings of the event.

“I really hope that it helps the students leave here with a certain respect and optimism for the country,” said Smith. “Right now we have so many things going on and happening that are casting a negative shadow in the country. There are so many citizens that are pessimistic, that are critical. I mean its good that we think about how t make things better but we need to understand and realize that we are so very blessed to live in this country. “

Other displays around campus included,  Founder’s Circle, Prophets’ Lane with quotes from every Prophet in regards to the constitution, States Street which included the flag of every state, and Constitution Way.

Throughout the day there was a spirit throughout the campus, one that Elizabeth Fri felt strongly.

“It brings peace to your day and the soldiers who fight for us deserve our respect.”

Reporting from BYU-Idaho, I’m Dallin Cervo Scroll TV News