Once they were competitors, but now, they are teammates. Their sport? Opera singing.

The three members of the trio Ultimi are Isaac Hurtado, Brian Stucki and Tyler Nelson. Stucki said they decided to officially come together as a tenor opera singing group in February 2014.

“Isaac Hurtado of the group, inspired by the original Three Tenors, had a dream of forming his own tenor trio,” Stucki said. “The three of us had always competed against each other, so we decided to join forces.”

Stucki said that though these three tenors specialize in opera, they would not strictly classify their sound to one specific description.

“We are really operatic tenors, but we strive for versatility,” Stucki said. “A lot of classical crossover singers are a little more pop than classical in their vocal production. When we sing our opera arrangements, we let it rip, but we scale things back and find a more contemporary for some of our Broadway and inspirational numbers.”

Stucki said they are voice professors at different universities in Utah. They all have wives and children, and in their free time, they like to perform opera music. They now do performances all over the United States and internationally.

Don Sparhawk, Center Stage and performance tours coordinator, said he heard about this group by recommendation from the man in charge of the Sun Valley Opera.

“After the guy in Sun Valley told me I had to bring them up here, I went to go see them in Salt Lake,” Sparhawk said. “I was really impressed, I thought, ‘We have to bring these guys up here as soon as possible. This is a great show.”

Sparhawk said while opera music may not be a genre that attracts many college-aged fans, it is a must see and that people of all backgrounds and interests would enjoy it.

“Part of Center Stage’s mission is to expose students to different musical events and performances and try to bring people an educational and entertaining experience,” Sparhawk said. “I believe this is going to do both. I can pretty much promise that they are going to like what they hear and walk away thinking, ‘That was cool.'”

Stucki said that while opera music may not be the most popular genre, they actually end up reaching a lot of different people with their music.

“Our audiences have been pretty mixed, both in terms of age and musical interests,” Stucki said. “Our music is inspiring, fun and beautiful, and despite our classical background, we feel we have really been able to reach a lot of different kinds of listeners. You don’t have to be an opera fan to love our show.”

While all three of the tenors sing together, they also sometimes do a solo performance or play other instruments in addition to singing. Stucki, for example, also plays the cello for some songs, and will sing simultaneously, according to their website ultimitenors.com.

Ultimi has never performed at a college for a predominately young adult audience, Stucki said that they are looking forward to it.

“I think it will be great date night,” Stucki said. “We all teach voice on the collegiate level, so we have an affinity for the students of today. All three of us were undergraduates together in the music department at BYU Provo, so we are very pleased to share our music with young adults who share our faith.”

Tickets to Ultimi are $6 for students and $12 for the general public and can be bought online at tickets.byui.edu or week days at the ticket office.