BEN OLSEN | Scroll Illustration

BEN OLSEN | Scroll Illustration

The unemployment rate in America has dropped due to added jobs, according to CNN.

The United States added over 200,000 jobs in April, bringing the unemployment rate to the lowest it has been in seven years.

Krystin Pipkin, a 2011 BYU-Idaho alumna with a degree in communication, said finding a job after college was a struggle for her but also taught her a lot.

“I think one of the hardest things about finding a job was that whatever job you were looking for, there were tons of recent college grads applying for that job,” Pipkin said. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way the job market is.”   

Pipkin said she learned a lot about herself during the years of job hunting after graduation.

“It was a humbling experience,” Pipkin said. “I ended up working at Olive Garden for two years after I graduated, and that’s OK. You have to learn that it’s OK to do what you need to do, and sometimes the next step isn’t what you always pictured.”

Pipkin said job hunting provided a valuable life lesson for her and taught her a lot about being patient.

The new increase in jobs gives college students a little relief and brings hope that they will be able to use their hard-earned degrees for a lucrative career, according to Forbes.

Abby Hansen, a junior studying elementary education, said she understands the challenges that come with finding a job but feels prepared to face the future.

“With the growing population of our schools, I can see that there will always be a need for teachers,” Hansen said. “Classroom sizes are becoming larger, and the schools are overcrowded. I think that it is hard for new teachers to find jobs only because schools want more experienced teachers to handle the larger classes. It will be difficult to find a job, but I know I am capable in doing so.”

The changes in unemployment affect each job field differently, but Stephen McGary, a professor in the department of economics, said companies look for students studying agribusiness at BYU-I.

In general, students studying business, construction management or health care were hired most often, with each industry adding a combined 62,000 jobs, according to CNN.

Pipkin said she eventually found a job in Orange County, California, but will always remember the things she has learned along the way.

“It made me realize what I really wanted to do with my life and how I wanted to live it,” Pipkin said. “It made me realize what makes me happy and what matters more than money. It’s a rough world, but it made me tougher, and I learned that hard work does pay off, even if it is hard to get through the disappointment.”