This past weekend, the tables were empty in Emma’s Kitchen, located on the third floor of the Clark, as the business had to unexpectedly and temporarily close its doors.

“I was surprised, according to our administration, we would fall under the previously existing licenses that the school had held, so at this point, I had thought that this should be passed onto administration,” said Brett Jenkins, CEO of Emma’s Kitchen, and member of the IBC.

“But, we were planning, we had schedules of who was going to work, and we had to call it quits when we found out. I still had students coming in, saying why aren’t we selling anything, and we had customers coming and saying, is Emma’s Kitchen still open, or can I buy something, and we had to explain to them that we couldn’t,” said Jenkins.

Luckily for them and their customers, the only issue was a matter of paperwork.

They’re using this break to focus on marketing, so that when they re-open they’ll be ready to go.

“We should be back open once the paperwork is in, and we get the run-through with our very nice food inspector, on Monday. We should be back open on Tuesday.” Jenkins said.