BYU-Idaho offers students the opportunity to reserve textbooks before a semester starts.

Sterling Moses, the university services IT administrator, said that in Fall Semester 2015, there were a total of 8,200 reservations, and the average time to pick up books was 76 seconds.

Moses said reserving textbooks is one way of improving campus and creating a better experience for students and faculty.

Moses said the university store began offering textbook reservations 15 years ago as a convenience to students and as means of reducing long lines.

“This provided great benefits for the students by collecting all of their course materials before they showed up to class on the first day, removing the long lines in the store and speeding delivery to the students,” Moses said.

Moses said the university store redesigned the reservation system in Fall Semester 2014. They looked at what was working, what was not working and how to make the entire system more efficient to handle the increased enrollment of students on campus.

“The reservation system was rebranded to TextExpress, and now remains open until the second day of classes, allowing students reserving late to still receive their course materials,” Moses said.

Moses said the university store wrote new custom software and brought in mobile tablet technology to speed the collection of course materials. The university store built a new delivery system where students are given a location and collect their own reserved course materials themselves.

“Students are able to pick up their course materials in under 60 seconds, and we see this dropping even more as we continue to refine the process,” Moses said.

Moses said TextExpress was created to make life easier for the student.

“You can sign up for TextExpress online, and we will do all the work to collect your course materials and have them ready when you arrive on campus,” Moses said. “Signing up early gives you the best chance at receiving the used books you want, thus reducing what you pay each semester.”

Moses said TextExpress provides the means to reserve your textbooks in advance.

“We really do try to make it as easy as possible for the students to be ready on the first day of class,” Moses said. “Why wait in long lines inside the store when you can breeze through TextExpress and be off doing what you want?”

Moses said reservations help the staff purchase the correct amount of course materials for the students. He said there are only so many books on the shelf, but with TextExpress, the university staff can know how many books they need to purchase.

Students interested in reserving textbooks can go to the university store Web page for more information about how to reserve books and where to pick them up, as well as what to bring to the textbook pickup center.

The last day to reserve your textbooks for Spring Semester 2016 is April 19, according to the BYU-I University Store Web page.

“Our staff analyzes every aspect of student interaction to make sure we are making things better, faster and cheaper,” Moses said.

Moses said he wants students to take advantage of this opportunity the campus offers to students.

Connor Webster, a freshman majoring in general studies, said he reserved textbooks this semester.

“I reserved my textbooks so I could avoid stress, panic and so I guaranteed I would have all my textbooks this semester,” Webster said.

Webster said he will continue to reserve his books because it was fast and easy.