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Rexburg police said the Madison County prosecutor is determining fault between a police officer and an Idaho Falls resident after a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of University Boulevard and South Yellowstone Highway in Rexburg.

Rexburg Police Capt. Randy Lewis said Officer Wright crossed the intersection Feb. 27 during a red traffic light while responding to a 911 call. Wright turned his emergency lights on before entering the intersection.

The second driver, Kerrey Johnson, 38, was heading northbound in a Mitsubishi Galant on South Yellowstone Highway.

The two vehicles collided at the center of the intersection, causing the police SUV to roll onto its hood.

Idaho State Police said no one was transported to the hospital as a result of the accident; however, both drivers suffered minor injuries.

Lewis said Idaho State Police initially investigated the accident and then submitted their report to the prosecutor.

He said the prosecutor will decide if a citation is required for either Wright or Johnson.

“Could someone be cited? Absolutely,” Lewis said. “Could nobody be cited? Absolutely.”

Lewis said accidents involving police vehicles are rare in the Rexburg area.

“I don’t remember the last accident we’ve had,” Lewis said. “It’s been that long. Have we had them? Absolutely, we have.”

He said the Rexburg Police Department tries to minimize police-related accidents by conducting both daily and yearly trainings.

“If you look at how many officers we have on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we have put on a lot of miles,” Lewis said. “To have this one accident, the general public doesn’t have that kind of record.”

Lewis said Rexburg officers should slow down and stop if they need to before entering an intersection.

“Our main concern is the public,” Lewis said. “If we get in an accident, we are not going to get to where we want to go.”