The Upper Valley Arts and Humanities Expo, will be hosted by C4 Connect Create Collaborate Conference, Saturday, May 21 at 7 p.m.

“The arts expo that I’m putting together will go from 7 to 9 with a 15 minute intermission, “ said Adrianne Gneiting, President of C4 Connect Create Collaborate Conference.

She said the event will be featuring Will Perkins, a nationally award winning Jazz Pianist, as one of the performers and Bruce Otteson, a well known comedian, as the MC.

Gneiting said she hopes that the event will help to bring together both the community and arts as they enjoy an evening of talent with one another. She said she is looking forward to the large array of talent that will be presented.

“We have Polynesian dancing,” Gneiting said. “The person who won the last voice standing is in it. Some visual artists and some slam poets are going to be in it, as well as a couple of other things, but those are just the ones that I have off the top of my head.”

Along with these acts there will also be a performance by the Korean Opera singer, James Kim, according to The Rexburg Standard Journal.

“We just really want to bring people together with the different types of entertainment,” Gneiting said. “We have many very talented artists from BYU-Idaho and the community and we’re excited to get the chance to show off their amazing talents.”

The venue for the event, the historic Rexburg Tabernacle, can seat 1,400 and is located next to the library about a block from City Hall, according to

“We want to work with the city, local college students and the community in a way that’s productive and helps out.” Gneiting said.