This Monday, students will have an opportunity to enjoy a free off-campus concert held by the Upper Valley Women’s Choir at the Rexburg tabernacle.

The concert’s theme is “Let’s Dance” and the choir will sing and dance to 13 popular songs from around the world.

Paula Sondregger, the choir’s director, said the choir is, first and foremost, a service organization.

“One of the things we do a week before our concert, we go around to the different assisted living centers, and nursing homes in the area, and we sing for those dear people,” said Sondregger.

The choir members range from ages 18, all the way up to 80. Anyone is welcome to join. Choir members enjoy a sense of community and friendship that keeps them coming back.

“Well I saw it one day in the paper, and I thought it looked like fun and I love to sing, so I decided to come check it out and it was great fun and the women were so much fun that I’ve been with it now for probably nine years,” said Annette Green.

“There are some awesome women. They are very talented, and they have so much fun,” said Jennifer Walters.

The concert will be held at the Rexburg tabernacle, located at 25 N. Center St., at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 11.