Louise Edington wore a bright blue shirt decorated with a mop of white hair, square framed glasses and the words “Feel the Bern” to the first delegate breakfast Utah was involved with at the advent of the Democratic National Convention.

“My hope is that they have a plan to still get the nomination for him,” she said.

Originally from the UK, Edington said she is now from Salt Lake City. She has been campaigning for Sanders for about a year and has been to four of his rallies.

She said she feels Sanders felt pressure to endorse Hillary Clinton and that he hoped to get his platform through the Platform Committee. Edington does not feel the latter purpose has come to fruition.

“I feel he felt he had to, particularly because of Trump being the nominee on the other side,” Edington said.

Despite Sanders endorsing Clinton, Edington remains loyal to the Vermont Senator. She recognizes that Clinton began to change her position during the debates with Sanders.

“But now she seems to be switching right back,” Edington said.