Local disc golfers came together at nature park May 9 for a tournament known as The Birdie Bash. Peter Melton a BYU-Idaho student organized the event through a company known as Vibram.

“It’s pretty easy for a tournament director to put an event on, and living in Rexburg, I’ve been interested in getting the local players out and having fun. So I looked into it and it’s pretty easy to run an event so I signed up and put it on. It’s going good so far,” Melton said.

Players receive what’s called a “Player Pack” which comes complete with a Birdie Bash t-shirt, one marker disc, and two Vibram discs of their choice. They then compete to see who can achieve the most amount of points through scoring a “Birdie” or an “Ace.”

“I just, I like the idea of you know you pay for a couple discs and you can really go play anywhere,” Ricky Nielsen said. “You don’t, it’s not like golf where you have to pay each time you play usually so that’s kind of cool. You don’t have to be like a jock I guess or be super athletic to go play disc golf and you can still have fun so that’s cool, I like that part of it.”

Even with the heat of competition it was much more light hearted and fun than anything else. Players simply wanted to spend time with friends and family while doing something that they loved. Players would help each other and encourage one another to do better.

“Well, all my brothers are here and my husband plays so it’s just a fun time,” Chelcie Melton said. “I know wouldn’t win but really it’s just a fun sport, and just coming out with friends and family it makes it a better time.”

Disc Golfers simply wanted to have fun, weather it’s laughing at a horrible shot, or losing your disc on top of a pavilion. With the growth of the sport Peter Melton hopes to expand the local disc golf scene with more tournaments and league nights every Wednesday.

“I’d love to see, you know, league nights get bigger and just, you know, people playing all the time out here,” Peter Melton said. “I’d also like to see, you know, us running our own tournament here with some other sponsors, I mean I know we got Melaleuca close and they could sponsor a tournament easy. So I think it’d be awesome to have like another tournament this summer actually would be cool.”