VidAngel announced their comeback to filtering movies with a big surprise, Tuesday, June 13.

“It now connects to your streaming accounts like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO and lets you filter the content that you are already paying for,” according to the kickstarter ad VidAngel released after the announcement.

The idea of using VidAngel through streaming accounts actually came from Disney during court proceedings, according to VidAngel.

Neil Harmon, CEO of VidAngel, announced that this new way of filtering will be available starting tonight on iOS and Android.

Last year, Warner Bros, Disney and 20th Century Fox all issued a preliminary injunction against VidAngel claiming that VidAngel is an “unlicensed VOD streaming service.”

However, VidAngel says it brought filtering back to those who fought for it.

“Should you and I be second class citizens just because we want to filter,” Harmon said. “VidAngel wants filtering to be easy and accessible.”

With up to 50,000 viewers on the live stream, Neil Harmon asked all to share the new kickstarter ad on their social media platforms all at the same time. He then proceeded to urge those who shared it to all shout, “VidAngel’s back!”

In the ad, VidAngel reiterates they do not like the idea of censorship.

“We don’t force directors to change their scenes,” according to the ad. “We just let families mute and skip those scenes like they would with a remote. A remote isn’t censorship – it’s choice.”