The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction against VidAngel, on August 24.

According to Forbes, VidAngel will continue to offer their services, which filters contents from Amazon and Netflix. The court has not ruled against that.

“Today’s decision has absolutely no impact on VidAngel’s current service; we remain open for business,” said Neal Harmon, VidAngel CEO, to Fox 13. “While all of the legal back-and-forth plays out, we know our customers are grateful to still have a way to protect their kids and filter harmful content. On the legal front, we are just getting started. We will fight for a family’s right to filter on modern technology all the way.”

Fox 13 reported that Disney, LucasFilm, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. sued VidAngel for copyright violations.

“The Family Movie Act requires that a filtering service use an ‘authorized’ copy of the work in question,” Variety informed. “VidAngel argues that because it begins with lawfully purchased DVD copies — which it then decrypts and copies to a server — its service begins with ‘authorized’ copies.”

According to KSL, after the current ruling (by a three-judge panel), VidAngel has until Sept. 9 to file a petition for another hearing (by an 11-judge panel). They can also appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.