BYU-Idaho University Relations produced Meet the Gilberts, a video introducing President Clark G. Gilbert’s family to the campus, three weeks ago.

Meet the Gilberts is a documentary-style video which gives the viewers a brief look into the life of President Gilbert’s family. The video includes interviews with President and Sister Gilbert, their children and clips of their everyday lives, according to the BYU-I website.

Linda Draper, the content development specialist for University Relations, came up with the idea for Meet the Gilberts for the fall edition of Upward, which is an online update about the campus published each semester, according to the Upward Web page.

“I proposed we do a video to show people who the Gilberts are and what they’re like,” Draper said.

She said President Gilbert was excited about the idea.

Michael Ballard, the University Relations video coordinator, said he had the opportunity to participate in all the filming, which started in June 2015. In addition to interviews, he said he had the opportunity to film various family functions.

Draper said she feels Meet the Gilberts is an introduction to all President and Sister Gilbert will teach the student body about the eternal family over the course of their service.

“I feel like first we are showing an example of a family that is doing their best to live by that doctrine, and then we are teaching,” Draper said.

Draper said that she feels that, as time goes on, students will hear even more from the Gilberts about the importance of marriage, covenants and family, as the world’s values continue to change.

Draper said she drafted the interview questions and conducted many of the interviews and, following the filming, she worked with Ballard to cut over two and a half hours of footage into a five    minute video.

“As a story teller, you kind of know what kind of story you want to tell in a way,” Draper said. “You feel what needs to be a part of the story. It is a very cool collaborative experience.”

Draper said she had the opportunity to connect with the Gilbert’s children during the interviewing process.

“The kids are great,” Draper said. “They are very kind like their parents.”

Draper said the feeling in the Gilbert’s home seemed well-balanced.

“The thing that impressed me the most was the expectations were high, but not unreasonable,” Draper said. “The kids were expected to be well behaved and to be kind to each other and to do as they are asked, but it didn’t seem overbearing or that they were unhappy.”

Draper said she gave the Gilbert children an opportunity to answer questions by raising their hand. While hesitant at first, the children eventually became so excited that they would raise their hands frantically, determined to give their input.

Meet the Gilberts was played during the Date Night with President Gilbert on Oct. 15.

“Everyone appreciated it, and it is always good to get feedback like that,” Ballard said. “In this business, I can look at the video and see how many people have viewed it, but that doesn’t give me much feedback.”

Ballard said getting to know President Gilbert on a personal level helped him realize how the president cares about everyone individually.

“He knows my name; he is happy to see me again; he is very genuine, and that personality is a great fit for the university,” Ballard said.

Ballard said Meet the Gilberts can be viewed on the BYU-Idaho Video page as well as on the school’s Facebook page.