The Academic Sport Center video took inspiration from an Old Spice commerical and was made by Grayson Sabin, a senior studying communication. Screenshot

A series of videos were used by United Way and filmed by Tanner Shinnick, a BYU-Idaho alumnus. Screenshot

Networking Ninjas highlighted the importance of networking and was made by Logan Bean, a junior studying communication. Screenshot

Three BYU-Idaho student videos have recently been nominated for College Television Awards more commonly known as the College Emmys.

As part of the Northwest chapter for excellence, the College Television Awards are a direct branch of the actual television Emmy Awards.

The students nominated are Logan Bean, a junior studying communication, Grayson Sabin, a senior studying communication, and Tanner Shinnick, a BYU-I alumnus. The students will find out who won the College Emmy for excellence June 2.

Shinnick produced a commercial for the non-profit charity organization United Way. The organization has been working with the student-run advertising firm at BYU-I since the firm won the account in 2010.

The video was based on a concept United Way had the year before: how others in the community had helped and been a part of United Way. The commercial expounded on that idea. The commercial consisted of a series of eight videos. It took Shinnick and his peers about two months to produce.

“I found out I was nominated by receiving a text from Brother Thompson while sitting in the drive-through of Chick-fil-A, so it was already a pretty happy time in my life,” Shinnick said. Shinnick believes winning will boost his career.

“It would be something cool to win and definitely a good way to start off my career in the video industry,”
said Shinnick.

Shinnick graduated from BYU-I in December of 2011 at age 24 with a bachelor’s degree in communication with emphasis in video production.

Bean’s video, “Networking Ninja,” was produced for a networking society on campus encouraging students to become their own “networking ninja.”

Bean wasn’t sure how he was nominated but said he thinks one his professors, John Thompson, general manager of I~Comm student media, may have submitted the video.

“It would be really cool to win. I’ve never really won anything prestigious before [that verified] my work is good,” said Bean.

He has only previously competed in video competitions. In 2011, he competed in a video contest for Dairy Queen and won first prize, a
Mini Cooper.

Bean began making videos early on in his high school career.

Sabin’s video was produced for the Academic Sport Center to inform students that it’s not just a place for students who are struggling in classes.

The video was trying to portray that it is also a place for well-rounded students, who, by coming to the Academic Sport center, can have more time for their extracurriculars.

The video took Sabin and his peers over a month to produce. Sabin also reported that his video was put for nomination by John Thompson and found out about his nomination via email.

“It would be a pretty cool thing to win,” said Sabin.

He is currently planning to graduate this semester.

Sabin served as the director of video for the I~Comm agency for three years.

To see the Academic Sport Center video, click here.