BYU-Idaho students involved with the Viking Rolls IBC Company want students to eat like vikings.

Laurel Cappellucci, a junior studying business management, said Viking Rolls provides a fast service for students on the go to enjoy a meal that is delicious and unique.

Cappellucci said they came up with the idea for Viking Rolls based on trial and error. Viking Rolls asked students their opinions on what type of food they wanted on campus.

“We surveyed our future customers to determine what products they wanted to see,” Cappellucci said.

Cappellucci said that in the beginning of the semester, the Viking Rolls company split into three learning teams. Each team came up with business ideas through surveys and sample testing.

“Viking Rolls was created for those who are looking for easily portable food that is different from what was offered elsewhere,” Cappellucci said. “The idea came from a restaurant in San Diego. From there, we came up with our own product and opened up for business.”

“We chose Viking Rolls to help tie our company to BYU-Idaho and the Spirit of Ricks,” Cappellucci said. “Ricks College Mascot was a Viking.”

Cappellucci said their main rolls are the Viking Roll, the Odin Roll and the Thor Roll. The Viking Roll is filled with marinara sauce, seasoned beef and penne pasta. The Odin Roll contains Alfredo sauce, Italian sausage and penne pasta. The Thor Roll is a mixture of bacon and mac & cheese.

Cappellucci said their other rolls are the Heimdall Roll which is filled with sweet and savory meatballs and the Loki Roll which is filled with Alfredo sauce, broccoli and ham.

“At Viking Rolls, you pick your bread, you pick your filling and feast like a Viking,” according to the Viking Roll Facebook page.

“For more in-depth information about our rolls, you can visit our Facebook page which can be found by searching Viking Rolls,” Cappellucci said.

Cappellucci said Viking Rolls also offers desserts like the Peach Valhalla which is Peach cobbler over ice cream. Viking Rolls offers Baulder Horns which is soft bread drizzled with butter, honey, & cinnamon. Viking Rolls also offers Jotunheim Float which is a root beer float topped with whipping cream & nutmeg.

“New customers love how our products are presented,” Cappellucci said. “Bread hollowed out and filled with pasta is unheard of, but it just makes sense.”

Viking Rolls’ Facebook pagenlets students know the latest deals and offers. The Facebook page shows new rolls that are being released and it keeps students and faculty updated on the latest Viking Rolls news.

Viking Rolls is located in the Joseph F. Smith Building and is open Monday through Friday from 10 am. to 2 p.m.