SALT LAKE CITY– Members from around the world come to General Conference and attend the sessions within the Conference Center. There are also many members and visitors who also attend the session, but in Temple Square.

Javier Jimenez from Provo, Utah and his six year-old son Esteban Jimenez sat beside the reflecting pool during the Saturday sessions of Conference.

“I like the temple,” said Esteban Jimenez.

Javier Jimenez said that they didn’t have tickets, but still wanted to come just to be there and hang out during the session.

“[We’re] just enjoying the temple and seeing the people,” said Javier Jimenez.

Sister Muli from American Samoa/Tonga and Sister Rojas from Mexico are two missionaries who work on Temple Square during the Saturday sessions of General Conference.

“No matter what trials get them, [people] can always [come] and have the faith and know who the Savior is,” said Sister Muli

Sister Rojas said that members come and listen on the grounds to feel the spirit that conference brings.

“One of my favorite things is seeing all the members and seeing the prophet,” said Sister Rojas.

Members also line outside the Tabernacle, waiting to be seated and watch the conference broadcast.

Kristina Trappett, an alumnae of Ricks College, and Leon Trappett brought their family to conference and sat on a blanket just outside of the Tabernacle.

“[Our children] drew pictures of who was talking and what they were talking about,” said Kristina Trappett.

Eight year-old Treyson Trappett said that he likes coming to conference because he likes to draw pictures of all the apostles. His three year-old sister, Taly Trappett, said that she liked coming because she gets to listen to music with her mom and dad.

Sister Rojas said that she likes seeing the faith of all the members around her during the sessions.

“Something neat is seeing the gospel preached in all different languages,” Sister Rojas said.