CENTER STAGE | Courtesy Photo

CENTER STAGE | Courtesy Photo

Sandra Turley, a Broadway vocalist who played Cosette in Les Miserablés in New York and an album artist for Deseret Book, will be coming to perform at BYU-Idaho on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Ruth H. Barrus Concert Hall.

Turley said she always felt she would make it to the big stage and become a performer.

“I didn’t know what that meant as far as how I would get there as a young adolescent, but I always felt that was something I needed to do — and not just on Broadway, but to just to be singing and sharing my thoughts with people felt like the right thing for me,” Turley said.

Turley said she has seen God’s hand in all she has done and he gave her the blessing to share her voice with others.

“My voice, though I hope pleasant to listen to, is merely the vehicle for the messages of the Spirit,” according to Turley on her blog.

She said she was very fortunate to get onto Broadway as quickly as she did.

“With that freebie, with getting on to Broadway so quickly, I have always felt that then in turn, I had to give back way more than what He gave me,” Turley said. “That is really the essence of why I feel the importance of ever leaving my children for a weekend here and there to perform for a group of people. It’s my way of giving back what He has given to me.”

Turley said she has not let the limelight blind her to what is truly important in her life, and that is her family.

“I knew what the limelight could do because I’ve watched it do difficult things to many of my friends,” she said. “So, right from the beginning many, many years ago when my husband and I were first married, we kept our perspective clear and realized that even though Broadway was fun and singing was fun, that it’s nowhere near as important as our family and each other.”

She said she does no more than two events a month in order to balance her time with her family and her time performing because being a mom comes first.

Turley said she loves the opportunity her music provides for people to apply it to their own lives and their experiences whether it is joyful or more contemplative times in their lives.

“I really enjoy coming out to a venue like BYU-Idaho, where I know I will be like-minded with soul-searchers and spiritual thinkers,” Turley said.

Turley said although she does not know what waits for her in the future, she will always keep singing.

“Life is plenty busy, and I have four humans to raise into adulthood and hopefully to do that well, and as much as I can perform and sing alongside mothering them — that will be great — but they’re obviously my very first priority,” Turley said.

She said she has visited BYU-I before when her sister came to school here and she is excited to come back and get the chance to perform.

“I’m just really excited to come to BYU-Idaho,” Turley said.