DELANEY NELSON | Scroll Photography

DELANEY NELSON | Scroll Photography

The annual co-ed Blacklight Volleyball Tournament took place in the Hart Gymnasium on Saturday.

“Members of the winning team receive coveted intramurals Championship t-shirts,” according to the school’s website.

A total of 16 teams participated in the double elimination tournament.

Joseph Cruz, the event coordinator and a senior studying political science said the tournament is unique because everything is neon, the lights are turned off, the volleyball glows in the dark, there is tape that glows in the dark and people wear shirts that glow in the dark.

“Blacklight Volleyball is a fun activity because it’s taking volleyball and putting a spin on it,” Cruz said.

Due to the lights being dimmed, a greater reaction time is required because the ball is more difficult to see, Cruz said.

“It presents a greater challenge, even to the seasoned volleyball players,” Cruz said.

Cruz said the teams are able to customize their own experience.

He said in the past, many teams would create their own matching shirts or shorts.

He said many of the uniforms he has seen were made of neon material or had glow-in-the dark paint.

She said the atmosphere of the tournament that had the lights off, a glow-in-the-dark volleyball and neon tape that outlined the court, created excitement among the players.

“My favorite part of the event was the different atmosphere,” Cassi Strate, a participant at the activity Saturday and a senior studying health science said. “That just changes it up.”

Strate said she decided to participate in the activity because it gave her a way to be with her friends and to play volleyball, a sport that she enjoys.

Cody Webb, a first-time participant and a junior studying communication said playing volleyball under a black light was a new concept for him.

“I haven’t done it before, but I like playing volleyball,” he said. “It’s cool and it would be pretty sweet playing in the dark.”

Brad Baldwin, a junior studying geology, was another first-time participant who said he really enjoyed the event.

He said his favorite thing about the event was that it is cool, unique, and it allows him to mess around.

He said the volleyball tournament was more relaxed and laid-back compared to intramural leagues that tend to be more physical and competitive.

The team named Victorious Secret won the tournament. They won four games on their way to claiming their championship t-shirts.