HALEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

HALEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

Elder Brent H. Neilson of the Seventy spoke fifth at the 185th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

He talked about the parable of the prodigal son.

“This parable isn’t about 100 sheep or 10 pieces of silver; it is about one precious son who is lost,” Elder Neilson said. “Through the parable, what does the Savior teach us about how to respond when a family member loses his or her way?”

The prodigal son tells his father that he wants his inheritance. He wants to leave his home and seek worldly things.

In the parable, the father responds with love and gives his son the inheritance.

After the father did everything he could, he let his adult son make his own choice and let him go.

The loving father then watched and waited for his son.

As members of the church, we can learn many lessons from the parable. May we always show love to those around us and always reach out a hand, free from judgment.

“May you and I receive the revelation to know how to best approach those in our lives who are lost and, when necessary, to have the patience and love of our Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ, as we love, watch, and wait for the prodigal,” Elder Nielson said.