Story by Iri Ledezma

Need some space? Escaping has never been easier than being at a planetarium.

The planetarium is a fun way to see the stars, planets, and recognize constellations, as they appear right above you.

Here are 3 things you didn’t about the BYU-Idaho planetarium:

Number one: Did you know there’s a planetarium here on campus? Just located in the Romney building in room 107.

Number two: All the loose change in your backpacks, pockets or couch could be your way into space because the cost of the planetarium is only $2.

Number three: Every month, the physics department offers an opportunity to explore our universe through several different shows. This month’s featured show is on black holes. This show features a 3-d simulation of black holes and what it might feel like to approach the existence of “worm holes.”

So travel into our Milky Way galaxy every Thursday. That’s 3 things you didn’t know about the Romney Planetarium.