Story by Brian Grant

BYU-Idaho has a goal to bring education to the entire body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and even the world! Let’s look at five facts about BYU-I’s demographics you probably didn’t know.

Number one: BYU-Idaho serves a total student body of almost 40,000 students, but most of BYU-Idaho’s students are not on campus. Twenty-two thousand are online and Pathway students.

Number two: Of the 17,000 students who are from the United States, the most popular states students call home is Idaho and Utah.

Number three: BYU-Idaho’s on-campus and online ethnicities are predominantly Caucasian, but Hispanic students are the second largest second place and Black students take third.

Number four: Within the entire student body, over 16,000 are men while 20,000 students are women. So, gentlemen, if you’re wondering where the opposite gender seems to be hiding, may I suggest you leave your classroom a little more.

Now, speaking of finding people! That brings us to number five: Only 4,000 of the student population is married, which means there are over 13,000 single students on campus! Looks like the odds *will* ever be in your favor!