Story by Ashley Whaley

Are you interested in seriously networking to further your future? Recently, BYU-Idaho launched an exclusive LinkedIn page for students who are serious about networking. Check out these five things you may not have know about the BYU-Idaho professionals LinkedIn page.

Number one

BYU-Idaho professionals is a new private group on LinkedIn that was created by the BYU-Idaho alumni office. Because the group is private, it cannot be found by doing a search on LinkedIn, you must be invited.

Number two

In order to be invited to be a member of the BYU-Idaho professionals LinkedIn group, you must complete a few requirements to be considered for admission. Students must have a LinkedIn profile with over 100 connections, watch two videos about teaching networking principles, and students must complete the BYU-Idaho membership request form.

Number three

Students must pass an interview with the BYU-Idaho alumni office.

Number four

The purpose of the BYU-Idaho professionals LinkedIn group is to connect students, alumni, and professionals that are serious about networking and developing meaningful relationships.

Number five

The group is focused on quality and encourages active engagement by sharing and creating compelling content and making meaningful connections.