Story by Nathan Williams 

Many of us probably walk past or even cut through the University Store to get to our classes, but what do we actually know about it and why it’s so important to our campus? Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the University Store.

Number 1: The store is more than 100 years old. Brett Cook, director of the bookstore, said there is documentation of the store existing as early as 1905, which was only 17 years after the university was founded in 1888.

Number 2: There are free programs you can download from the bookstore’s website. If you go, you can download the latest versions of Microsoft Office for Mac and PC free of charge if you’re a student. Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 are also free to download for students from the website.

Number 3: Did you know there is a link on the bookstore’s website to compare the prices of textbooks? This link is called ICompare. It is a tool for students to use when they are buying textbooks so they can get the cheapest deal. Cook said the price of the textbooks at the bookstore are much cheaper than the price of getting the books from other universities or Amazon. Cook said this is part of the bookstore’s mission: to make education more affordable when it comes to textbooks.

Number 4: There are several people who work at the bookstore, most of them working behind the scenes. Cook said there are 50 students who are currently working at the bookstore in some position. There are also 16 full-time employees who work along with the students.

Number 5: The bookstore has started to take over tech repairs. Before, if students needed help with their computers, they would have to go to the Help Desk. Now, the bookstore is starting to create a section specifically for students who are having problems with their laptops. Cook said they will be doing some remodeling in that area so that it can be easily available for students to walk up with their computer and have an employee see what problems there have been with it.