Story by Baylie Escamilla

As the warmer weather makes its way into Rexburg students are going to want to spend more time exploring the surrounding area and having fun. Here are five things to do this summer in Eastern Idaho.

  1. The Escape House

Groups are locked in a room where they have one hour to solve a myriad of clues in order to get out. The Escape House offers three different rooms, each with unique back stories. Larger groups can be placed in two rooms and then race against each other to see who emerges first.

2. Yellowstone Bear World

Participants have the opportunity to drive through wildlife in their cars. Those who choose to may also be able to feed the bears or hold bear cubs. Along with grizzly bears and black bears the tour shows patrons elk and wolves. The park also contains amusement rides and a petting zoo.

3. Teton Flood Museum

The museum allows people to experience the rich history that surrounds the tragic event. The museum features a display room, a children’s museum, and a conference room.

4. Green Canyon Hot springs

Located in Newdale, Green Canyon Hot Springs is an indoor swimming pool. It is a fun place to go and swim with friends. They also have concession stands, foosball and tables for those who want to sit and watch.

5. St. Anthony Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes are a great place to go and relax with friends. Whether it is to roll around in the sand, drive ATVs, or go camping. The dunes also come with concessions. It’s a great place to make a fire, eat smores or bond with friends.