Gamers from BYU-Idaho packed the Little Theatre in the Manwaring Center to play Super Smash Bros. for Gamers Unite, a video game tournament.

“I’m obviously here for the smash tournament,” said Tanner Johnson, a freshman studying computer science.

The Super Smash tournament brought around 50 students, and this semester, it had a few gamer celebrities playing.

“I’m familiar with a couple of the top players,” said Austin Ascura, a senior studying software engineering. “We actually have a professional smash group in the area. They meet regularly on a weekly basis, and they are really good, all of them. So Bojangles, Skynerd and RVR are the three that I’m most familiar with. I saw them compete in the last one that I went to, and they trashed me.”

Not only has the online gaming world taken its fandom nationally, it’s taking a sports route by implementing full commentary, play-by-play and live streaming.

“So now we are streaming by getting as many people we can so just to show off their names and kind of get their names out there; it’s mostly just fun glory,” Johnson said. Event coordinators were excited that this event would reach out to gamers far and wide.

“I think a lot of that people forget about video games; in the end, it’s about playing with people,” Ascura said. “So a lot of people think about video games is something that you do by yourself, but while you can do that, I think it’s more fun when you have other people. So this event is to bring people out of their basements and get them playing with other people from their basements.”

The finals had two favorites competing for bragging rights, as Mr. Toast, Tanner Johnson, took on Skynerd, Kaden Kempisty. Mr. Toast smashed his way to victory and won the tournament. If you missed out this semester, don’t worry — you’ll have another chance next semester.