Reporter Darren Winberg

From South Carolina, to California, to right here in Rexburg, Idaho, coach Preston Blackmon has spent a lot of time learning the art of Jujitsu.

“Its growing steady in the south, California is more of the capital or mecca for jujitsu. I served my mission in San Diego so that is where it was born. All of my favorite pros were around me I just wasn’t able to roll with them. Then it grew to the east coast, Florida, New York and all of those fight states, and right in the middle was South Carolina,” said Preston Blackmon, a junior studying exercise physiology.

“I recently started out wanting to do MMA and started doing some kick boxing. I found a guy that knew jujitsu and he started teaching me and I it took off from there,” said Blackmon.

“How the techniques and practices we do in the beginning of class. It’s the little things that matter most. For example he did the bridge to do the arm bar, you need that simple bridge to do a big move like that. So just the simple things,” said Luis Terron, a Freshman studying biochemistry.

Coach Blackmon teaches the students different submission moves each week.

“A lot of submission holds, we learned self defense tonight, but then there has been different submission holds that I didn’t’ know,” said Jessica Collins, a freshman studying psychology.

“I had no idea had to do the arm bar, and what surprises me is how easy and how simple it is. You don’t have to use so much strength and force to do it. It’s all simple maneuvers,” said Terron.

“One of our guys Spencer Smith, me and Adam Johnson did a competition last week. It was just jujitsu no punching or kicking– just pure jujitsu. We brought home one gold, one bronze and two silvers from that tournament. We have competitors, but just jujitsu competitors,” said Blackmon.