Story by Rachel Sande 

One thing that is commonly associated with millenials is how fast they drive. All jokes aside, speeding has become a real problem here in Rexburg.

“Speeding is an issue here in the city of Rexburg,” said Captain Randy Lewis,of the Rexburg Police Department. “It’s a daily enforcement deal. We got a deal with school zones, is one of our critical areas that we have a lot of speeding on, and some of the other side roads, but it is definitely a problem.”

There are many reasons for speeding, but Captain Lewis says that some reasons are more common than others.

“Being in a hurry, trying to get from one place to the other, and not being aware of the laws. Those are the two big ones,” Lewis said.

Speed limits change from street to street. Not knowing what the speed limit is is a real circumstance that could face drivers every day.

“It’s not our requirement or obligation to inform you of the speed limits or the laws,” Lewis said. “So pertaining to speeding, and it’s general throughout the state is, within the city limits, it’s maximum is 25 miles an hour unless otherwise posted. So if there’s no signs, there’s nothing there, that’s not an excuse. You know, go 25 miles an hour.”

There are many distractions that are tempting while driving, but the biggest one is just not knowing what’s going on.

“I think that the number one issue we have is the distractions dealing with just not knowing,” Lewis said. “They are talking, they aren’t aware of the speed limit, and that’s a big thing, the speed limit, yield signs, stop signs, are where we have issues, is the awareness.”

People have been seeing a lot more of the big speed signs around the city, letting people know what their current speed is. Captain Lewis said they are there to help people be more aware.

“If we have a potential area of accidents or a lot of speeding, we will put those signs out there to grab their attention,” Lewis said. “We have signs in the city, one of the school zones, that’s kind of a permanent type speed sign. It’s a radar is what it is. And it’s posted just above the speed limit sign, but it shows your speed, and it also starts flashing if you go over that speed. And that’s our goal here in the city, is within our school zones at least, get every school zone posted with these radar-type detection signs that makes people aware. Plus, it reduces the expense, too. We don’t have to sit in those school zones as much, and we sit in them because we have an issue. And we’ve tried signs, we’ve tried education things, and that hasn’t worked, so what we’re doing next is writing tickets. ”

There are many ways to become educated about the laws. And each person, under the age of 25 gets one saving grace.

“We teach drivers education here, Alive at 25, and we offer different education. Let’s say if someone gets a ticket here in the city, they can go online and that citation is withheld if they pass that driver’s safety course,” Lewis said. “The fine, they don’t end up in court paying that $75-$80 fine, it doesn’t go on their insurance rate, that’s a one-time deal.”

There is one simple thing that everyone can do to help make the streets of Rexburg safer.

“Pay attention,” Lewis said. “Pay attention. And that covers speed limits, speed of the car, pedestrians, the environment, just the whole thing. Just pay attention when you are driving a vehicle.”