BYU-Idaho students have been in the spirit of giving ever since the April general conference talks centered on helping refugees.

“Otto Schweinfurth, my partner and I we decided that after general conference, that we as BYU-Idaho students we needed to do something and we knew that a lot of students were responding to the Prophet’s invitations and leaders to get more involved with the refugee efforts,” said Katy Williams, a senior studying health psychology.

With the help of BYU-I service activities, “BYU-I Was A Stranger,” was born.

“I was in service activities before but because of schedules and work I couldn’t do it anymore,” said Otto Schweinfurth, a junior studying accounting. “But she told me that this program was going to be more flexible and have meetings at different times, so it seems like a great opportunity and I always want to be involved.”

The impact of this program is gaining momentum and organizers are hoping that it continues to help individuals and refugees.

“Hopefully, I’m going to be here next semester, but when I leave hopefully people are still going to be doing this program and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger,” Schweinfurth said.

“BYU-I Was A Stranger” has partnered with a few different organizations to help the cause.

“We work with Rexburg for Refugees and they work with a few different organizations in Twin Falls and Boise, and Salt Lake City and this batch will go to Salt Lake City,” Williams said.

Following the Prophet’s call to action, organizers are looking for students to continue to inspire and donate to “BYU-I Was A Stranger.”

“This is an opportunity to follow your leaders and I would like to invite you to help and contribute to this cause then you are following the leaders and helping everyone,” Schweinfurth said.

There is going to be another drive in June and July so if you weren’t able to donate this month, there is always next time.